Blog - Samsung UE40D5720 repair - 2019


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Samsung TV(UE40D5720) - Issue: restarts after Samsung logo
Updated on: 25-06-2019


  • After testing the power supply, all the voltages are OK
  • The issue with this specific machine (and al lot more) is that the flash memory (IC1302) is corrupted.
  • IC1302 = K9GAG08UOE

  • Repair

    To fix the issue, we need to extract the current firmware from the flash memory (2GB) and order a new one (same type).

  • 1. First, remove the old flash chip (IC1302) from the motherboard with hotair and place the chip in the flash reader
  • 2. Copy the extracted data from the old chip to the new flash memory chip (K9GAG08UOE)
  • 3. Place the new chip back on the motherboard and start up the TV

  • During this repair, I have created a good firmware image (.bin file) for this model TV. If you need a copy of the file for your repair, please let me know.

    If you have any questions about this topic, please contact me

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